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You WILL NOT be RUSHED off of the phone!

We normally spend 30-45 minutes on the phone with each customer; sometimes multiple calls and days; so don't be shy - CALL NOW!

I represent two different manufacturers of outdoor wood burning furnaces, with a total of 33 different models, including waterless, front loaders and top loaders. They are Hyprotherm Furnace/Boiler - built in North Arkansas for 44 years AND Nature's Comfort Boilers; built by the Amish in Indiana.

I really like these two manufacturers because BOTH have oull-out ASH TRAYS!

Outside Wood Boiler Ash Tray

There are NO circuit boards, NO computerized parts, NO smart phone hook up are other nonsense like that.

All the parts on these furnaces are Off-The-Shelf parts that can be purchased anywhere local to you because there is nothing proprietary that you have to buy from us. You do not have to worry about whether or not we are open because you can get your part where you live.

Hyprotherm is THE ONLY ONE that has a Water Jacket bottom  (3/8" or 1/2") the SAME THICKNESS as the firebox -
because the water jacket is the most vulnerable part.

3/8" standard FIREBOX thickness (already 50% thicker than most others) and the 1/2" THICK firebox option gives you the HALF INCH THICK water jacket bottom as well!

Most people do not know this but
OVER 80 plus percent of the
wood boiler and wood furnace manufacturers out there require YOU TO SHIP the furnace back to them at YOUR expense
when it needs to be repaired.

This is their way of getting out of warranty repair because who would pay all of that money for shipping to get a "Free" repair?

In contrast, BOTH of of these manufacturers will hire a skilled repair person close to you, to repair your furnace ON-SITE (even in Canada and overseas).

This eliminates the need to disconnect your furnace, be without your free heat, crate it back up and ship it back to them and then having to ship it back to your home - again, at your expense.

Remember, we are always here to help you! We are happy to take as long as YOU need to get fully comfortable and completely understand all about what an outdoor Log or Coal Boiler is and what it can do for you!

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