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Econo 85 Smallest Mini Wood Boiler

Econo 85; the least expensive small mini Wood Boiler

JUST $3697

Tiny House Wood Burning Stove

Many people would consider this an outdoor wood boiler for a Cabin or Tiny House but in fact it will heat any small home or building because it is the smallest wood boiler available at a reasonable price. In the past, the Nature's Comfort Boiler Model NCB-80 was the least expensive wood boiler for sale. We sold a lot of them to people who wanted to heat a small building and just needed something simple and efficient.

The NCB-80 was just $3480 with nothing else coming close to it in price on the market. HyproTherm did them one better making their mini boiler available with grates (JUST $3697) and an optional pull out ash tray as well as many other sought after options. All of these options are available ala cart; only buying what you actually want and need.

Many people search for a mini outside wood burning boiler or for the smallest outdoor boiler available because they are only heating a small home or a small building.

Off Grid Wood Boiler for Sale

We have the perfect outdoor wood boiler that can be used off grid. We have a pump available that will only draw 40 watts; about 60% less than most pumps and our pump can be wired to run on demand, saving you a lot of energy which is sorely needed in an off-grid environment.

A deep cycle battery can be used to power up the boiler because only 100 watts is needed for both the forced air inducer blower and the pump. You can simply purchase a solar panel to charge up the battery and use an inverter to convert the battery power to 110 AC power for your pump and fan.

Best Small Efficient Wood Stove

I believe we make the best small wood stove because it is so efficient. It has been tested and exceeded 75% efficiency which is astounding, especially compared to the average 65% efficiency. Going off grid is all about efficiency, isn't it?

You want to save electricity but you also want to save wood and our mini boiler would do that for you. Our draft inducer is always blowing oxygen into the fire from the bottom; giving you a good hot fire just like a blacksmith's forge.

With our optional cast iron grates you can even burn coal in this boiler and that will make it 100% legal for heating a residence, in 49 states.

See our pricing on the different grates that are offered as well as the many other options at:

Small Wood Stoves for Cabins

A lot of people want the smallest wood stove they can get for heating a cabin. What they don't know, is that they can use an outdoor boiler and eliminate all the trash, bark, bugs and worse of all - the SMOKE that infiltrates your precious air space. In addition, the smallest wood stoves have fireboxes that are so small that you have to load them 4 times a day; meaning a nightly trip at 3 AM, when you don't want to get out of bed in the cold to load your wood burning stove.

Another issue with one of these smaller indoor wood stoves is that the firebox is short and you often have to cut your wood 12-16 inches in length which is a lot of unnecessary labor. Our mini boiler will take wood 2 feet long un-split logs, which will save a whole lot of cutting and splitting and will burn a whole lot longer.

In addition, a boiler will hold and retain an enormous amount of BTU stored in the water. In this case, that will be 95,000 BTU of storage; much more than a typical home needs! Even if the fire were to go out, you would have more than sufficient heat energy in your water to heat your cabin.

An outside boiler also eliminates the risk of chimney fire which would be devastating in any building but so much more so in a wood cabin!

wood boiler for 2000 sq foot house

wood boiler for 2000 sq foot house
(actually 2300)

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The least expensive wood boiler - our small mini wood boiler