(Front Loading Residential Heater)

HyProTherm Wood and Coal Boiler

AKA Hyprotherm 265

Hyprotherm FLRH-265

Taupe Front


Water Capacity; 266 gallon
Water Jacket Thickness Bottom; 3/8” (No one else in the world does this!)
Water Jacket Thickness Sides and Top; 3/16”
Firebox Capacity; 29 cubic feet
Firebox Dimensions; 3/8” thick @ 49.5”L x 30”W x 34”H
Overall Dimensions: 86” x 46” x 87”
Crated Dimensions: 91″L x 51″W x 95″H
Shipping Weight: 2,750 lbs approx
Fuel Door; 26.5” x 26.5” with a 2' x 2' opening
Grate System; Flat Cast (Optional Shaker Grate Upgrade if Burning Coal )
Ash Cleanout: Removable Ash Pan
BTUs; 296,933 @ 180 degree
Heatable Area; 7,400 sq ft Approx

The standard insulation on our furnaces is unbeatable and a non-degrading K-factor insulation.

We have the...

This has a 29.0 cubic foot firebox capacity, with the ability to heat 7,400 sq. ft., based on wood capacity.

The firebox size is 49.5"L by 30"W by 34"H and can handle 3 3/4 foot long pieces of wood with 4 inches of air space around it.

Water capacity is 266 gallons which stores 296,933 BTU of heat, ready to pull on in a moments notice.

The water is kept at a consistent temperature which you can set to your comfort level and heating requirements.

The firebox door is 26.5 x 26.5 with a 2 foot square opening, suitable for massive logs.

As noted below, the water jacket bottom is the same thickness as the firebox chosen and the water jacket sides are 3/16"; 50% thicker than some other competitors models. Water jacket upgrades are available to make it 1/4" thick (1/3 thicker) for just $350.

The standard firebox is 3/8" thick (50% thicker than most other manufacturers).

The standard grates are the longest lasting because they are cast iron. This model has two grates.

Shipping weight is 2,750 lb crated; much more than other models which use thinner steel. We are the only manufacturer that builds the water jacket bottom the same thickness as the firebox ordered.

Overall dimensions are 86" long by 48" wide by 87" to top of chimney.

1: LOOK! You get 20-Year ON-SITE Warranty; VERY IMPORTANT that you don't have to pay shipping to get it repaired; there AND back, as most companies require!

20 year warranty wood boiiler

2: It is the best outdoor wood boiler because it has up to a 25% BIGGER FIREBOX than before, giving you more wood capacity, longer burning, which also means heating more square feet with LESS LOADING!

3. This new firebox is formed
using a 430-ton Press Brake, giving you ONE piece of metal for three sides; that means less welds which means less potential for leaks because leaks most always start at welds.

Press Brake

Almost as few welds as on a cylinder; Only 4 welds vs. 12 welds on a typical firebox
; where they weld 6 flat slabs of steel together to form a box, with no inherent strength at all!

Three times less means less failures and leaks!

Wood Furnace Firebox Thickness

4: Not only is the firebox 50% thicker than most others(ours are 3/8" and 1/2"); the water jacket bottom is THE SAME THICKNESS as the firebox because it is the most vulnerable part); 3/8" standard and the 1/2" THICK firebox option gives you a HALF INCH THICK water jacket bottom as well!

5: It is the best wood boiler because it has a removable
Pull-out Ash Tray!

Our Water-less Furnaces have Pull-out Ash Trays too!

 Ash Tray wood boiiler

It is the best wood boiler because we use ALL Off-the-Shelf PARTS; nothing proprietary that you have to get from us.
7: It is the best wood boiler because it has No electronics; NO circuit boards, NO computerized parts
, (like on the Wood Master and Central Boiler and many others)! NO Smart Phone Hookup (You don't need complex things!)

8: It is the best COAL boiler because it has the superior flat cast iron grates on all but the wood models. Cast-iron SHAKER GRATES are available.

cast iron grates wood / coal boiiler

9: It is the best wood boiler because we give you one pump installed WITH flanges; many others don't even give you one pump PLUS our wood boiler has an extra set of ports for another pump to heat another building, shop, garage, pool, hot tub, driveway, walkway, greenhouse, etc.

wood boiiler pump installed

10: It is the best coal and wood boiler because it has a
nice big forced-air blower (75 CFM) in the back, to feed oxygen up through the grates, just like a blacksmith's forge! Absolutely necessary for COAL and the best for wood!
You get a real nice hot fire so that there are no unburned pieces of wood or coal left over (like on a Central Boiler)

Comes with a simple solenoid activated damper too, (shown below) for less wood consumption! (NO air drafting into the firebox - SAVES WOOD!)

wood boiiler combustion fan

11: Our boilers (and water-less furnaces) are pre-wired with a simple but accurate Ranco thermostat;requiring just 3 power wires to be connected in the supplied junction box! Easy access through our full-sized door; about 4 feet wide!

Pre-wired Hyprotherm Wood Boiler

2. It is the best wood boiler anywhere because it has a BUILT-IN HEAT EXCHANGER to heat your domestic hot water, so you do not need to purchase an external heat exchanger to mount on your hot water heater, like a side-arm or plate exchanger because it is included with your purchase of this boiler and works phenomenally well! This saves you about $300.00 and you don't need an anti-scald valve!

wood boiiler hot water heater

This slashed MY electric bill by 1/3, that very month, when I hooked up my wood boiler to my hot water heater!

That is a HUGE savings!

13. Our boilers have the best of the newest insulation; a combination of ceramic wool and a product from Knauf. This was done after insulation engineers told us that fiberglass insulation was only good for a home, where you are trying to keep 75 degree heat in. It is a different story when you are trying to contain 800 + degrees in a firebox; thus the new insulation.

R-Factor insulation
(R stands for Residential; i.e. fiberglass bats or spray foam)
will only handle keeping 75F in a home
but NOT
800-1200 F in a firebox or 180F in the water jacket.

That is why we use K-Factorinsulation now; Superwool and Knauf blankets.

Superwool blanket products offer exceptional performance-to-weight ratio and are
resistant to chemical attack.

Superwool is the only low bio persistence fiber available in the market with a classification temperature of 1300°C (2372°F) and 1450°C (2600°F) on selected grades and applications.

Knauf Ceramic Wool

Click on both images for more information.

Ceramic Superwool Blanket
We now have K-factor insulation equivalent to R-23 in the sides
and R-57 in the ceiling and front, against the 800 degree firebox.

With up to R-88 optional EXTREME Cold Weather Package, for just $307!

Stainless Steel vs. Mild Steel in Outdoor Wood Furnaces

15. Does Hyprotherm Wood Boiler use BOILER PLATE?
Boiler Plate in Outdoor Wood Boilers


Just a few EXAMPLES of the Color Combinations:

CLICK on PHOTOS for a Bigger Image

Brick Red/Black

Setting on pad with forklift

Taupe Sides/Black Front


Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Colors

Not all colors are available at all times.

We can also build your furnace without siding,
so that you can for those who want to put it in an outbuilding
or you can apply regular siding, brick, faux (cultured) stone
or almost anything else you can imagine.

This gives you a savings of $300.00!

Stainless Steel vs. Mild Steel in Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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