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HyProTherm Wood Boiler

Hyprotherm offers the best residential boilers for heating homes!

Without a doubt, Hyprotherm is the best outdoor wood boiler on the planet! Not only that, Hyprotherm has a wood boiler that is aesthetically pleasing with your choice of 21 different wood boiler colors, at absolutely no charge. Remember, while it is called a wood boiler it is actually a log fired water heater! The water never actually boils.

Our wood boilers burn logs, and all types of wood; softwood and hardwood, oak to pine, wet or dry, wood chips and even sawdust or coal!

Most Hydronic wood furnaces don't even have a set of grates in them let alone a fan to blow oxygen in from the bottom, up through the grates, just like a blacksmith's forge. Using our standard 75 CFM blower, with a solenoid activated draft door, you save the most wood and you get the hottest fire this way, and this wood boiler will burn anything; wet wood, dry wood, railroad ties and virtually anything flammable; as long as there is no paint or glue involved. Remember even driftwood is poisonous when burned.

Having the blower blow oxygen in from the bottom of the furnace, is the only way coal will burn. That is why most wood furnaces will not burn coal because they usually have a fan on the front door and that simply won't work! Others don't have a fan but have a damper on a manual draft which doesn't do anywhere as well as force feeding oxygen into the bottom of the fire. Many of these boilers have unburnt pieces of wood left over simply because they are not getting enough oxygen!

Hyprotherm's warranty is outstanding and is a 20-year warranty and the big difference between our warranty and most everyone else (85% of them) is that they require you to ship the furnace back to them for warranty work. This is always at your expense not in only being without your furnace but you have to pay the shipping to get the furnace back to manufacturer which is many hundred of miles away. Not only that you have to crate the furnace or common carriers will not move it. The manufacturer always charges you to ship your repaired furnace back to your home. Kinda negates the warranty, doesn't it? In fact, most people don't bother getting it repaired because of this. This lets the manufacturer off of the hook and you can't complain that they won't repair it!

Hyprotherm's new firebox is formed using a 430 ton Brake Press, giving you one piece of metal for three sides; that means less welds which means less potential for leaks because leaks most always start at welds. There are almost as few welds as on a cylinder; Only 4 welds vs. 12 welds on a typical firebox; where they weld 6 flat slabs of steel together to form a box, with no inherent strength at all!

Not only is the Hyprothermfirebox thickness is 50% thicker than most others (ours are 3/8" and 1/2"); the water jacket bottom is THE SAME THICKNESS as the firebox because it is the most vulnerable part); 3/8" standard and the 1/2" THICK firebox option gives you a HALF INCH THICK water jacket bottom as well! NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT - ANYWHERE!!

Not only do we have grates in the furnace, you have the capability to easily clean out the ashes with our pull out ash tray. Most other manufacturers tell you to open the firebox door and push the burning wood aside (yea sure!). What they don't tell you is that the firebox is going to be 800F - 2000F and you are not going to get anywhere near it until you open the firebox door and let the hot air escape - but now you have just fueled the fire with oxygen and you will have a roaring fire again.

Hyprotherm uses ALL Off-the-Shelf PARTS; you don't have to get parts from us.

There are No electronics; NO circuit boards, NO computerized parts, (like on the Wood Master and Central Boiler and many others)! NO Smart Phone Hookup (You don't need complex things!)

We install flat cast iron grates on all but the wood models. Cast-iron SHAKER GRATES are available on any model, even wood boilers.

We give you one pump installed WITH flanges; while many others don't even give you any pump. Our wood boiler has an extra set of ports for another pump to heat another building, shop, garage, pool, hot tub, driveway, walkway, greenhouse, etc.

Your Hyprotherm Boiler will come with a BUILT-IN HEAT EXCHANGER to heat your domestic hot water; you do not need to purchase an external heat exchanger to mount on your hot water heater, such as a side-arm or plate exchanger because it is included with your purchase of this boiler and works astoundingly well! This saves you about $300.00 plus you don't need an anti-scald valve!

My electric bill was reduced by over 30% the very first month I hooked up the HyproTherm wood boiler to my domestic hot water heater.

Oudoor Wood Boiler


Here are just a few EXAMPLES of over 8,000 Different Color Combinations:

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Outdoor Wood Boiler

Outdside Wood Boiler

Outdoor Wood Boiler

Placing Outdoor Wood Boiler on Pad

Setting of pad with forklift

Taupe Outdoor Wood Boiler

Taupe Sides/Black Front

Brick Red Outdoor Wood Boiler

Brick Red/Black

Outdoor Wood Boiler

 Wood Boiler Outdide in trees

Outdoor Wood - Coal Boiler

Outdoor Wood Boiler in Snow next to wood

Firebos so strong we move with chimney


Outdoor Wood Boiler Colors available

Not all colors are available at all times.

We can also build your furnace without siding,
so that you can for those who want to put it in an outbuilding
or you can apply regular siding, brick, faux (cultured) stone
or almost anything else you can imagine.

This gives you a savings of $300.00!

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